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2014 archives


For all programs & events after January of 2014, please visit our new website at: www.UnlimitedHorizons.org


January - Psychic/Medium George Lugo



2013 archives



Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind With The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude Margie Kalaluhi




with Teresa Brown-Konell



September - Sacred Health A Path To Freedom & Joy

with Sue Sides



August ~ "Open-Hearted Open-Minded Spirituality"

with  Jamie Sanders, NTM




 with Janet Southall Connell



June - Science and the Search for Truth

with Frank Huguenard



May - Stories Of "Messages From The Other Side"

with Sharon Renae




A May Psychic Fair









March - Peace Within

Calm Your Mind, Open Your Heart and Find Your Flow

With Michael Brant DeMaria, PH.D.





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February: "Vessel James"

with Jim Bowman



January: Messages from The Other Side

with Sharon Renae





2012 archives




November: 2012 Prophecy & The Case for UFO's

with John Ventre



October: UFO's: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities & NDE's, OBE's and Remote Viewing

John B. Alexander, Ph.D




October's Psychic Fair



September - Red Planet Mysteries


What NASA Has Never Told You



August - Wake up - Just Do it!

with Russ Youngblood

Wake Up from the Status-quo Trance of Everyday Life to Experience the Joy in the Journey of Life




With Sharon Renae




with Jody Cleary & Ted Henry


June's Psychic Fair


May - Visionary Shamanism

Activating the Imaginal Cells of the Human Energy Field ~

Journey with Linda Star Wolf


April - Swami Jnaneshvara

Climbing Sushumna the Ladder of the Inner Sky



March 24 & 25, 2012









March - Messages From... YOU   with Bonnie Bayly

Guidance from your own Spirit: How to recognize it,  and what to do with it once you get it!



with Intuitive Health Facilitator Lloyd Rawson


January - Everything You Thought You Knew About Nutrition Is Wrong!

Holistic Wellness with Amy Likins MS, CNC





2011 archives



Nov - White House Insider Spills the Beans and Talks Transformation

with Presidential/White House Interpreter - Fred Burks



Oct - George Lugo and the Digital Spirit Connection



An October Psychic Fair

Psychics, Readers, Sensitives galore, Aura Photography & Reading, Vendors


Sept - Join The Paranormal Quest!

Venture Into Ghost Hunting

with Bryan Lee Whatley


Aug - Welcome to Middle Earth

A Journey into our hollow earth

with Col Billie Faye Woodard, Ambassador


July - The Unity of All Things

Breaking through our mind’s perceived holographic projection of reality

with Don Daniels, MA


June - Zuni & The "Star People"

With Zuni Elder & Medicine Man Clifford Mahooty


May - "That's Classified" Air Force Secrets Revealed

with Michael Schratt


April - The Digital Spirit Connection

with Psychic/Medium George Lugo


March - 9th Annual Emerald Coast Metaphysical Festival


February - Hypnosis and the Recollection of Past Lives

with Susan Dunlop, MA, CHt


January - UFO Case Files Revealed

with Jim Nichols




2010 Archives


November - Understanding Purpose & Life Navigation - Mary Jo McCabe

October - A Fatal Diagnosis, or a Life Saving Transformation - Linda Kedy

September - Messages From The Other Side - Sharon Renae

August - You are not in the Universe, The Universe is in You! - Russ Youngblood

July - The Unofficial UFO/ET Disclosures - Randy Coppang

June - The Great Planetary Alignment of 2012 - Jill Wickham

May - UFOs And The National Security State: The Cover-Up Exposed - Richard Dolan

April - The Powerful Concepts of Huna - Marcus Lindemann

March - Unlimited Horizons Annual Metaphysical Festival

February - Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind - Darren Weissman

January - UFO's, Aliens, Abductions & the Death of an Alien - George Filer of FILER'S FILES



2009 Archives


December - Unlimited Horizons Annual Christmas Party & Banquet

November - Our Future Frequencies and the Law of Attraction - Dr. Tali Cluxton

October - PSYCH K® A Key to Transformation - Marylou Smith

September - The Upside & Downside of Alien Contact - Robyn Quail Andrews

August - Vacuum Energy Conversion Machines - John Shelburne

July - Past Life Readings - Teresa Brown

June - Sharing Earth: Various Intelligent Species - Donald Ware

May - Conversations with "The Nine" about "The Only Planet of Choice" - Phyllis V. Schlemmer

April - Messages from Beyond the Earth Plane - Jilly T & Cyndie LePori

March - Unlimited Horizons Annual Metaphysical Festival

February - Messages From The Other Side - Sharon Renae

Xellaine Beith - Nov 15, 1938-Jan 16, 2009 Vice President Unlimited Horizons for eight years

January - Awaken Your Subtle Bodies - Johnnie Martin




2008 Archives


December - Unlimited Horizons Annual Christmas Party & Banquet


November - Aliens Among Us - The Maurizio Cavallo Story: How do we Prepare for Contact - Paola Harris


October - Conviction & Parapsychology: What Convinces Us to Act? - Donna Signorelli


September - Soul Medicine - Dr. Bonnie McLean


August - The Soul Genome - Paul Von Ward


July - Living in an Intelligent Universe - Joe Lewels


June - Conversations with the Other Side - Teresa Brown


May - The Future is Yours.... Do Something About it! - Raymon Grace


April - A Most Perfect Love: Life, the Afterlife & Between Lives - Erica Kay


March - Evidence for a Bigfoot/UFO Connection - Kewaunee Lapseritis

February - Unlimited Horizons Annual Metaphysical Festival

January - The Gulf Breeze UFO Sightings: The Real Story - Art Hufford




2007 Archives


December - Unlimited Horizons Annual Christmas Party & Banquet

November - Modern Challenges and Opportunities: UFO's, Religion and Exopolitics - C.B. Scott Jones

October- The Starchild Skull: A Scientific Analysis - Lloyd Pye

September - Teleportation - Ralph Ring

August- Reincarnation: What You Don't Know, or Believe, CAN Hurt You - Robert Stone

July- No Coincidences: The Urantia Book Arrives at a Pivotal Time for Earth - Fred Harris

June - Experience the Gift of Dolphin Consciousness - Linda Shay

May - PSYCH-K: For Accelerated Growth - Jeanne Northington

April - The Laws of Attraction / The Secret - Maia Rizzi

March - Living Your Divine Purpose - Sharon Renae

Dale Baum

February - Unlimited Horizons Annual Metaphysical Festival

January - Reflections of a Psychic-Visionary - Bill McCowan & his Spirit Guide, White Cloud



2006 Archives


December - Unlimited Horizons Annual Christmas Party & Banquet

November - Ancient Astronauts and Alternative History - Bill Stanley

October - Unlimited Horizons Alternative Healing & Wellness Fair

September - I AM Spirit: Spirituality for Everyday People - Jamie Sanders of Unity Pns

August - The Shift From Outer Technology to Internal Technology - Alice McCall

July - Hidden Agendas: As Revealed By Our Celestial Friends - Norma Milanovich

June - Spirit, Mind & Body Festival - @ Inspirations Gulf Breeze

May - Heal Your Ancestors' Past!!! - Dr. Shelley Kaehr

April - The Great Year: Sacred Geometry and the Cycle of Earth Changes - Randall Carlson

2006 Festival Poster by Xellaine

2006 Festival Photos