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About Us


We are a group of Truth Seekers, on our journey, both individually and collectively, that have chosen to think outside the status quo box of life and investigate, learn and perhaps define our reality.

We seek to become more aware of, and to understand more about, our metaphysical environment and our interaction within that reality.  

Unlimited Horizons is not a political or religious organization, and we are not affiliated with any other entity or organization, nor do we subscribe to or endorse any belief system, leaving that to each individual's discretion and choice.  

We are here to provide a place, a forum of sorts, to explore, to present, to imagine - a deeper journey.

In addition to our Annual Metaphysical Festival, and other special events, we have a monthly program, where we invite a guest speaker in to present, lecture or share their knowledge & experiences on a given subject of interest. These topics vary widely but usually fall loosely within the metaphysical umbrella. Everything from what is improperly termed "Alternative Health" and current Healing Techniques to things like Ufology and the ET presence, Psychic and Mediumship Realms, Ghosts and Paranormal Events, and Life Between Lives. We encourage you to visit our Archives section available from the navigation menu and browse our past programs for a good cross section of the subjects we cover.

We do not present these programs as truth in themselves, that is for each and every person to consider what is real for them. We do however encourage you to question everything, especially what is presented here, and have an awesome, inspiring, informed - journey.

You are always welcome to contact us with;

thoughts, ideas, comments, inquiries, requests, info, enlightenment, love & peace,

via the various links throughout the site or email us here:



You may call us at: 850-610-0919


Additionally you can contact any of our Officers directly & see many of our Board Members on our

"Board of Directors Page" by clicking here.


Seek With Joy,

The Board of Unlimited Horizons





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