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This page is dedicated to the healing of our Mother Earth, Gaia.

And specifically to the healing & cleansing of the Gulf of Mexico and the entire Gulf Coast.

Here you will find intentions, links to articles, prayers, meditations and visualizations. If you have any to share, or any comments, please submit them to the following address:








Dr. Masaru Emoto's Healing Prayer

"I send the energy of love and gratitude to the water and all the living creatures

in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings. To the whales, dolphins,

pelicans, fish, shellfish, planktons, corals, algae

and all living creatures.....I am sorry.

Please forgive me. 

Thank you. 

I love you."










The Center For Pranic Healing & Wellness

has "New Moon" Meditations (on the beach) &

"Full Moon" Meditations (at their Center in Gulf Breeze)

every month.

You may contact them at 850-982-8018






The 'Great Declaration'

 "The eternal power of the universe

has gathered itself

to create a world with true and grand harmony".

Mr. Nobuo Shioya








Healing Music/Meditations/Wisdom

Click directly on any of the following (short Youtubes):



Meditations For The Oceans


Song for the Gulf of Mexico


Message from the Hopi Elders (2006)




Some of Dr. Emoto's Work


Siyotanka - Medley


Watermark by Enya


Planetary Healing: Gulf Coast


Gaia - Medley


The Ten Commandments of Mother Earth


Bindu - Medley


Always with you - Angels, Love






Star of David










Water of Life Blessing ~ Power to Heal the Earth Wound

You can help the healing of the Gulf Oil Wound of our Mother Earth
in a simple way that will empower your prayers and meditations.

Water is life's universal connection.
Every being is connected to every other being
with water, earth, fire and air.
Water carries every thought you give to it.
Water creates with every message it is given.
Water touches a seed and it grows.
Water is the power to heal and make live.
Dedicate your prayers and meditations
with this simple powerful blessing.
~ A beautiful thing we can all do... ~
Take a bowl of clear water.
Hold the water to your third eye
as you imagine the water being energized
Say softly and clearly to the water, with feeling...
Think clearly what gift you are asking for, what you want to happen,
and instruct the water with a message, one or two words, like
HEALING (the wound of the Earth)...
AWAKENING (the people to our planetary responsibility)...
FREEDOM (for all those souls who have no liberty)...
Pour the water into the ocean, a river, a well, a pond or lake,
to whatever you can give the water to that feels right.
Water is connected to every being
and your prayers will be empowered and will be answered.
This blessing ritual is akin to the Age of Aquarius
Pouring of the Waters of Life for Thirsting Humanity,
from Spirit to our Earth Mother through her human children.
Mitakye Oyasin ~ For all Our relations




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